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Disposable vapes are the most simple and convenient type of vape, which come prefilled with a wide range of tasty flavours. These are extremely popular with smokers looking to transition and long-term vapers alike.

Vape Starter Kits

A great introduction to vaping which offers much more customisability and features than disposables, vape starter kits now come with plenty of options. They can usually accommodate lower ohm coils and give you freedom to fill with our massive range of e-liquid flavours

Pod Vape Kits

Pod vape kits are the latest generation of vaping kits that allow the user to either buy pre-filled e-liquid pods or refill their own. Handy spare replacements are often available and some you can change coils in and reuse. Other pods are designed to be refilled a few times then disposed of as the coil wears out.

Mod with Tank

Hundreds of different designs of mods and tanks exist - you can even mix and match to create your preferred look and functionality. If you are a high user and need increased battery life and power, choose a mod and tank combination.

RDAs, RTAs and Mechanical Mods

Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers (RDA), Rebuildable Tank Atomisers (RTA) and Mechanical Mods are only recommended for use by advanced vapers, and people with knowledge of electronics.

RDAs only hold the amount of e-liquid that the cotton, and a small well at the bottom of the unit, can contain. These work by simply dripping e-liquid onto the coil and powering the mod, hence the nickname ‘Drippers’.

RTAs are a cross between a standard tank and an RDAs. However, instead of using a factory coil, the user builds their own coil to their preference and resistance. Learn more about rebuildable coils in our dedicated coil guide.

Mechanical Mods have no circuitry. Instead they use a firing pin that allows the current in the battery to reach the attached atomiser directly.

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